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Welcome hunters from all over the world!

A good hunt in the Tegernseer Goldschmiede Adolf Bertele

the jewellery for hunting jewels
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horn made from gold with grandls


If  you would like to hear the horns blowing while looking at our site, press the button und hear the famous group of   
Erdinger Jagdhornbläser
or get into contact with






We are a specialist in making pretty hunting jewellery
from your hunting trophies.
Hunters from all over the world bring their trophies to our workshop.

brooch silver with deer teeth /grandls

Being hunters ourselves,
we understand that for hunters
the value of hunting trophies
sometimes may be higher
then a precious gem.

You can leave your valuable trophies
trustfully in our hands, because it is our policy
that we care for them as if they were our very own.

Do you hunt
in Europe or Asia


Do you hunt
in Austarlia or the States?

Do you go on
hunting-Safaris in Afrika?

Do you hunt in Canada?


Your advantage is....

grandl.jpg (5634 Byte)
all sices of stag and hint teeth we work to beautyful

red deer teeth
Pin for your hat or costueme with teeth from stag

brooch and hanger with deer teeth
Brooch with deerteeth

that we have 125 years of experience when it comes to hunting jewellery.
Unusual ideas and a flair for the trophies
combined with quality handwork
is what will entice and fascinate you
about Bertele jewellery.

Do you have teeth, or is it or claws, lucky whishbones or any other trophy
of the many other hunting animals?

You have your own idea?
Fine just tell us what you would like to have
and we will set to work.

You have no idea of your own? No problem, we will be very pleased to create
something especially for you.

With the quality handwork of
Bertele Tegernseer Goldschmiede
your hunting  adventure will turn into
a beautiful everlasting memory.

Come and visit us in our jewellery shop in Tegernsee, Bavaria, about 50 km south of Munich or perhaps you have the chance to take a look at our hunting jewels when you
visit one of the hunting exhibitions.

Dates of exhebitions you will find on page "AKTIONEN"

safari jewels elephanthair and wish bones
Lionsclaw with 585/ gold an diamonds
stachelschwein.jpg (10074 Byte)
porcupine needles with 585/ gold,

pin and earrings

gluecksknochen.jpg (3273 Byte)
lucky wishbones of a leopard with 585/ gold

a decorativ piece

grandlanhaenger_schuamkoralle.jpg (7428 Byte)
Hanger with 585/ Gold to deerteeth

Do you have questions about preparing the trophies?

Go to our Site "Jagdtrophäen"!

Foxteeth being a brooch

You are interested? Maybe you can visit us in Tegernsee, about 50 km south of Munich,

here you can find your way

hunting jewels from Bertele


or go into "SERVICE" send an e-mail of fax and you will get Bertele`s hunting jewel brochure.

Phone + 49 - (0) 8022 - 4497 and 1661, Fax + 49 - (0) 8022 - 1569 or
send a mail to Bertele Tegernseer Goldschmiede

You will find more interesting offers for hunters in our
"Links für Jäger".
We do not accept any responsability for Link informations!

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Adolf Bertele Tegernseer Goldschmiede, Hauptstraße 11, D -83684 Tegernsee, Tel. 08022/4497
Für Sie sind wir da: Mo - Fr. durchgehend 10.00 - 18.00 Uhr, Samstag 10.00 - 13.00 Uhr
Impressum und Kontakt siehe Service

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